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Constructions, Reforms and Rehabilitation in Teulada Moraira and Javea. Catala Puig

In Català Puig, we are a family-owned construction company located in Teulada-Moraira.

Founded in its day by Vicente Catalá Puig at the beginning of the 70s, it has been growing and acquiring the experience that characterizes us.

Today, after years of work and retraining, we have obtained the professionalism that our clients demand and deserve.

builder company in moraira teulada javea

The company Català Puig, since its inception has been evolving step by step in the construction sector consequently has adapted to the latest innovations both techniques and materials.

There are many fields that belong to the construction sector, and given the spirit and desire to improve and improve each day, has allowed us to expand our company structure in departments and specific professional services such as:

Construction and reforms services at CatalaPuig:

Therefore, we can offer our clients a global management of their construction or reform project.

Recently and after years of experience in the market of the increasingly well-known material “Microcemento”, the company Català Puig has achieved enough character, and in agreement by both parties, to take the step and become official delegation of Microcemento “CimentArt “From the Teulada Moraira area.

Architecture Studio in CatalaPuig.

In our offices we have our own architecture department, thus providing the client with the communication between architect and builder.

As a result, the connection between both client and architect builder is streamlined.

We provide the client with the option of developing their desired housing project based on their budget and characteristics.

We commit ourselves and help you find the area or situation of the plot where you would like to live.

We manage the pertinent and bureaucratic procedures for the execution of the work, project the design of your home, build it.

In the real estate section we have a wide portfolio of properties at your disposal.

In the same way, the client, communicating to us what is his budget and the characteristics of the house that he wants to have, we take care of finding or building the house he wants.

We work to make our customers’ dreams come true.