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Reforms and Expansions

We carry out integral reforms of your entire home, business or stay, guaranteeing high quality results. We take care of the whole process if you wish; from the initial design to the last details … For your works or reforms we also give you the option of applying Microcemento (decorative coating design adaptable to any style) which we have been working with for 7 years with very attractive finishes on any type of surface .








We apply the most advanced techniques in cleaning, sanitation, waterproofing and treatment of materials, maintaining the aesthetics and ornamentation required in each case. We rehabilitate all types of homes and buildings, both rustic and modern, assuming site management, safety study, hygiene and processing of building permits.


edificios y fachadas



We create a new environment and distribution in your offices and offices in order to achieve a new dynamic, functional and attractive aspect for your business.


When the size of the room allows it, the kitchen becomes many houses at the meeting point of the whole family and in the place where they spend many hours a day. Even if it is a smaller room, its importance is still significant and it is very important that everyone can feel comfortable in it.

reforma y construccion de cocinas


The bathrooms are one of the rooms where you notice the passage of time. A bedroom is easy to change little by little, but in the bathroom we can hardly change just one of the pieces that make up as they usually form a set. Remove the increasingly disused bathtub to replace it or create a shower tray, much more practical especially in the case of older people or with mobility problems.

We are a serious company, we take care of everything necessary to carry out the reform:

  • Microcement
  • Electrical installation, climate
  • Isolations
  • Painting
  • Plaster ceilings, removable
  • woodwork
  • Marbles
  • Electricity

Professionalism, seriousness and experience at work endorse us.